Stop digging up the past, coach tells reporters

first_imgHe made this comment following an article published in one of the dailies last Thursday.“The article said that I was suspended for three matches for inciting the crowd violence at the Minj oval during the game between my team and Enga Mioks,” Ray said. “The article alluded to the 2016 violence in Port Moresby between the Hagen Eagles and Rabaul Gurias preliminary final that I was one of those leaders involved.” Ray said bringing back such stories paints a bad picture and suggests that he should never be involved in the game of rugby league.“And this really hurts me,” he said.“This is my story and I hope it is told so that every supporter and fan of the ‘greatest game of all’, which is our national sport, know that we are not perfect and we learn lessons from mistakes and move on to be become better people.“The PNGNRLC Match Review Committee charged me with the offence – Detrimental Conduct Grading 5. I was charged for approaching the referee to clarify some rulings which I was not happy about. That costed me the three match suspension and I accepted the penalty.“The story that my actions incited the crowd violence was totally wrong and I confirmed with the Competition Manager Stanley Hondina that he did not say this. Therefore I ask reporters to recheck their facts before publishing them.“Also if I am the centre of attention in any related violent incidents when I am around, it would be courteous of the media to call me and get my side of the story. If the reporter is unclear about the charges given, please get clarification and publish the facts.“The story that I was one of the prime instigators of the preliminary final incident in 2016 needs to be clarified once and for all. And this can be verified by Stanley Hondina.“I was captain of the Hagen Eagles at the time. The incident was incited by our team manager which escalated and involved every person on and off the field. We were all charged with this violence and penalties handed down resulting in the Hagen Eagles franchise ‘dumped’ from the competition.”In 2017, the PNGRFL took the PNG NRLC Digicel Cup competition under its wings and reviewed many decisions the former PNG NRL board made. One of them was to rescind my suspension imposed on me. In simple terms, all charges against me and players like Junior Rau were dismissed.“We were cleared.”“Junior Rau registered and played with Hela Wigmen. Now he is a SP Hunter and last week debuted as a PNG Kumul. I decided to take a break from rugby league. I did not go into hiding.“In 2017, I was invited to attend the coaching courses run by the PNGRFL facilitated by David Westley and Toksy Nema, which I gladly accepted. These courses were beneficial. The benefits of these are shown by the performance of the Waghi team.“Like everybody else involved in this great game, I want to see it grow and prosper. I have learned from past mistakes, mistakes by other people.“I am still learning. I want to promote the image of the game. I am dealing with the challenges as best as I can. But the mistakes I make, I accept the criticisms and learn from them. “Let me say again that I have been cleared. I have no history of causing trouble. And I am trying my best to uphold that. I don’t want to be portrayed that wherever there is any violence, I am involved.“Get the facts right and please forgive and forget the past.“I am contemplating suing The National and their reporter for the damaging remarks in the article. We shall wait and see.“Thank you all for your support and let’s all work together to promote the game.”  (Waghi Tumbe filepic)last_img

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