Cordner try gives Australia World Cup title

first_imgAn first-half try to Boyd Cordner and desperate defence helped Australia win their 11th rugby league World Cup title with a 6-0 victory over England in a bruising final at Lang Park in Brisbane on Saturday.Both sides smashed each other into exhaustion with punishing defence and a fast-paced game with Australia centre Josh Dugan saving two probable tries with his positional sense and a desperate ankle tap on his opposite number Kallum Watkins.The only thing that separated the sides was Cordner’s 15th-minute try as they both controlled the ball well, but England rued stupid errors or poor decisions early in the tackle count inside the Kangaroos’ 20-metre area.“It’s amazing to finally get a World Cup victory on home soil,” Kangaroos captain Cameron Smith said. “It was one of the toughest football games I’ve played in my career. A really pleasing victory for the boys.“We spoke about defence winning games and winning tournaments and we just kept turning them (England) around.”Smith’s team had been virtually unbackable favourites for the final after they romped through the tournament, while England had to overcome the weight of history with a 12-game losing streak to the Kangaroos and not having won the title since 1972 as part of the Britain team.The intensity of the game was set in the first hitup by England prop James Graham when he smashed into four Australian tacklers and reeled away with a cut above his left eye after an accidental head clash with Matt Gillett.The Kangaroos, who hammered away for much of the opening quarter at England’s line, however opened the scoring in the 15th minute when Cordner crashed over during their third successive set of possession.A superb chase game by England on Luke Gale’s tactical kicks, however, gave Wayne Bennett’s side field position only for errors and penalties to allow Australia to escape.Kangaroos standoff Michael Morgan crossed early in the second half but video referee Ben Thaler called it back for interference earlier in the play.Jermaine McGillvary and Watkins also stormed into open field, only for desperate Australian defence to again snuff out the opportunities.“Tough one to take,” England’s Graham said. “Both teams played well. 6-0 doesn’t advertise it as a great game but what a spectacle.”last_img read more

Ozil quits Germany citing racism over Turkish heritage

first_imgGerman football star Mesut Ozil said on Sunday he would no longer play for the national team because he faced “racism and disrespect” because of his Turkish roots.His impassioned statement is one of the strongest issued by a player in recent years on the subject of racism and met with mixed reactions.It comes amid a political debate in Germany about an influx of 1.6 million migrants since mid-2014 that has seen a rise of the far right at the expense of traditional parties.Ozil, 29, was a key member of Germany’s World Cup-winning side in 2014 and has been voted by fans as the team’s player of the year five times since 2011.But the creative midfielder faced a barrage of criticism at home for having his photograph taken with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in May.He and Ilkay Gundogan, a team mate also of Turkish descent who posed with Erdogan as well, were jeered by German fans in warm-up games before the World Cup in Russia.Germany failed to qualify from the group stage, making their earliest exit from the tournament in 80 years and Ozil was one of the scapegoats for their unsuccessful title defence.Ozil, who plays for English club Arsenal, said German Football Association (DFB) President Reinhard Grindel had blamed him for Germany’s poor performance.“In the eyes of Grindel and his supporters I am German when we win, but I am an immigrant when we lose,” Ozil wrote in a lengthy statement in English posted on his Twitter account.He added he did not feel accepted in German society despite paying taxes there, making donations to German schools and being part of the team that won the World Cup.“It is with a heavy heart and after much consideration that because of recent events, I will no longer be playing for Germany at international level whilst I have this feeling of racism and disrespect,” he said.“I used to wear the German shirt with such pride and excitement, but now I don’t,” he said. “I feel unwanted and think that what I have achieved since my international debut in 2009 has been forgotten.”DUAL HERITAGEMany European footballers who play for national teams have a heritage in a different country but it is extremely rare for such players to cite racism resulting from those roots as a reason to abandon their national side.There is also a debate about whether enough is done to stamp out racism in the sport, which many black players have faced over the decades often in the form of chants by opposing fans.Ozil questioned whether there were criteria for being German that he did not meet and asked why he should be referred to as German-Turkish when fellow German soccer players Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose were not referred to as German-Polish.“Is it because it is Turkey? Is it because I’m a Muslim? I think here lays an important issue,” he said.Germany’s Social Democrat Justice Minister Katarina Barley said on Twitter: “It’s alarming if a great German football player like Mesut Ozil no longer feels wanted in his country and doesn’t feel represented by the DFB due to racism.”Veteran Greens lawmaker Cem Ozdemir, who has Turkish roots, said Ozil’s photo was wrong and his explanation unconvincing but added: “The way the DFB leadership acted is at least as disastrous – Grindel is hacking our history of integration to pieces. Do they want young German-Turks to start playing for Erdogan soon? The DFB needs a fresh start.”But others criticised Ozil, with Thomas Bareiss, a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, saying Ozil’s accusations of racism and a lack of respect were “out of place”.Mass-selling newspaper Bild said: “Ozil is revelling in the victim role that has nothing to do with reality”.Ozil has 92 caps for Germany and has scored 23 goals.Responding to Ozil’s comments, the German Football Association (DFB) later rejected accusations that it was racist.“We emphatically reject the DFB being linked to racism,” the DFB said in a statement. “The DFB has been very involved in integration work in Germany for many years.”Earlier on Sunday Ozil defended the photograph in which he was pictured beaming with Erdogan, who was campaigning for re-election at the time.“For me having a picture with President Erdogan wasn’t about politics or elections, it was about me respecting the highest office of my family’s country,” he said.“TWO HEARTS, ONE GERMAN, ONE TURKISH”Relations between Germany and Turkey have soured amid a crackdown by Erdogan’s government on suspected supporters of a failed military coup in July, 2016. Germany is home to some 3 million people with Turkish roots.Germany and Turkey are both bidding to host the Euro 2024 tournament and UEFA will hold a meeting on Sept. 27 to choose between them.Ozil said his mother had always told him to be respectful and remember his ancestry, heritage and family traditions, adding: “I have two hearts, one German and one Turkish.”Many fans and politicians in Germany were angered by the photo with Erdogan and it was widely criticised by politicians and Germany’s football federation, which argued that Erdogan did not sufficiently respect German values.last_img read more

Whale stress levels influenced by human activity, earwax study suggests

first_imgUsing earwax collected from baleen (filter-feeding) whales in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, scientists have been able to map the animals’ stress levels in relation to human activities over 146 years.Between 1870 and 2016, the whales’ stress levels closely corresponded to activities such as industrial whaling, naval operations during World War II, and rising sea-surface temperature, the study found.The effects on the whales of climate change, increased fishing and krill harvests, and sea ice decline need to be studied further, the researchers say. Scientists have mapped whale stress levels in relation to human activity going back nearly a century and a half — using earwax collected from baleen whales.From 1870 to 2016, the whales’ stress levels seem to be closely associated with activities such as industrial whaling, naval operations during World War II, and rising sea-surface temperatures, the study published in Nature Communications has found.A whale’s earwax can tell a lot. As in humans, the wax builds up in the whales’ ear canals. Over years, it grows into long “earplugs” that contain keratin, the same material from which human hair and fingernails are composed. While scientists have long used earplugs to estimate the ages of whales, new techniques now enable them to determine pollutant and hormone levels in the waxy material.Stephen J. Trumble, an associate professor of biology at Baylor University, Texas, and his team studied the levels of cortisol, a hormone released at times of stress, in 20 earplugs. The earplugs came from three baleen (filter-feeding) whale species — fin (Balaenoptera physalus), humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae) and blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) — from the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans.“This is the first-ever study to quantify temporal stress patterns in baleen whales,” Trumble said in a statement. “While the generated stress profile spans nearly 150 years, we show that these whales experienced survivor stress, meaning the exposure to the indirect effects of whaling, including ship noise, ship proximity and constant harassment, results in elevated stress hormones in whales spanning vast distances.”A blue whale. Image by NOAA Photo Library (public domain).In fact, during the 1960s, when whaling peaked with some 150,000 whales hunted, cortisol in the earplugs also hit their highest levels, the study found.Cortisol levels were also high from 1930 to 1945, a period that coincided with the Second World War, despite whaling harvests being low at the time. The researchers say they believe wartime activities could have contributed to increased stress level in the whales.“The stressors associated with activities specific to WWII may supplant the stressors associated with industrial whaling for baleen whales,” Sascha Usenko, associate professor of environmental science at Baylor University, said in the statement. “We surmised that wartime activities such as under water detonation, naval battles including ships, planes and submarines, as well as increased vessel numbers, contributed to increase cortisol concentrations during this period of reduced whaling.”As industrial whaling declined during the mid-1970s due to whaling moratoriums in the northern hemisphere, there was a corresponding decrease in cortisol levels, according to the study.But cortisol levels steadily increased in the whales from the mid-1970s to the 2010s — even though there was little to no whaling during this period — corresponding with the rising sea surface temperature. The effects on whales of climate change, increased fishing and krill harvests, and sea ice decline need to be studied further, the researchers say.“This study shows that anthropogenic stressors results in a physiological response in large whales. These chronic stressors may impact life history events such as reproductive parameters,” Trumble said.Citation:Trumble, S. J., Norman, S. A., Crain, D. D., Mansouri, F., Winfield, Z. C., Sabin, R., … & Usenko, S. (2018). Baleen whale cortisol levels reveal a physiological response to 20th century whaling. Nature Communications, 9(1), 4587.Banner image of a humpback whale by Rhett A. Butler/Mongabay. Popular in the CommunitySponsoredSponsoredOrangutan found tortured and decapitated prompts Indonesia probeEMGIES17 Jan, 2018We will never know the full extent of what this poor Orangutan went through before he died, the same must be done to this evil perpetrator(s) they don’t deserve the air that they breathe this has truly upset me and I wonder for the future for these wonderful creatures. So called ‘Mankind’ has a lot to answer for we are the only ones ruining this world I prefer animals to humans any day of the week.What makes community ecotourism succeed? In Madagascar, location, location, locationScissors1dOther countries should also learn and try to incorporateWhy you should care about the current wave of mass extinctions (commentary)Processor1 DecAfter all, there is no infinite anything in the whole galaxy!Infinite stupidity, right here on earth.The wildlife trade threatens people and animals alike (commentary)Anchor3dUnfortunately I feel The Chinese have no compassion for any living animal. They are a cruel country that as we knowneatbeverything that moves and do not humanily kill these poor animals and insects. They have no health and safety on their markets and they then contract these diseases. Maybe its karma maybe they should look at the way they live and stop using animals for all there so called remedies. DisgustingConservationists welcome China’s wildlife trade banThobolo27 JanChina has consistently been the worlds worst, “ Face of Evil “ in regards our planets flora and fauna survival. In some ways, this is nature trying to fight back. This ban is great, but the rest of the world just cannot allow it to be temporary, because history has demonstrated that once this coronavirus passes, they will in all likelihood, simply revert to been the planets worst Ecco Terrorists. Let’s simply not allow this to happen! How and why they have been able to degrade this planets iconic species, rape the planets rivers, oceans and forests, with apparent impunity, is just mind boggling! Please no more.Probing rural poachers in Africa: Why do they poach?Carrot3dOne day I feel like animals will be more scarce, and I agree with one of my friends, they said that poaching will take over the world, but I also hope notUpset about Amazon fires last year? Focus on deforestation this year (commentary)Bullhorn4dLies and more leisSponsoredSponsoredCoke is again the biggest culprit behind plastic waste in the PhilippinesGrapes7 NovOnce again the article blames companies for the actions of individuals. It is individuals that buy these products, it is individuals that dispose of them improperly. If we want to change it, we have to change, not just create bad guys to blame.Brazilian response to Bolsonaro policies and Amazon fires growsCar4 SepThank you for this excellent report. I feel overwhelmed by the ecocidal intent of the Bolsonaro government in the name of ‘developing’ their ‘God-given’ resources.U.S. allocates first of $30M in grants for forest conservation in SumatraPlanet4dcarrot hella thick ;)Melting Arctic sea ice may be altering winds, weather at equator: studyleftylarry30 JanThe Arctic sea ice seems to be recovering this winter as per the last 10-12 years, good news.Malaysia has the world’s highest deforestation rate, reveals Google forest mapBone27 Sep, 2018Who you’re trying to fool with selective data revelation?You can’t hide the truth if you show historical deforestation for all countries, especially in Europe from 1800s to this day. WorldBank has a good wholesome data on this.Mass tree planting along India’s Cauvery River has scientists worriedSurendra Nekkanti23 JanHi Mongabay. Good effort trying to be objective in this article. I would like to give a constructive feedback which could help in clearing things up.1. It is mentioned that planting trees in village common lands will have negative affects socially and ecologically. There is no need to even have to agree or disagree with it, because, you also mentioned the fact that Cauvery Calling aims to plant trees only in the private lands of the farmers. So, plantation in the common lands doesn’t come into the picture.2.I don’t see that the ecologists are totally against this project, but just they they have some concerns, mainly in terms of what species of trees will be planted. And because there was no direct communication between the ecologists and Isha Foundation, it was not possible for them to address the concerns. As you seem to have spoken with an Isha spokesperson, if you could connect the concerned parties, it would be great, because I see that the ecologists are genuinely interested in making sure things are done the right way.May we all come together and make things happen.Rare Amazon bush dogs caught on camera in BoliviaCarrot1 Feba very good iniciative to be fallowed by the ranchers all overSponsored Animals, Climate Change, Conservation, Endangered Species, Environment, Mammals, Marine, Marine Animals, Marine Conservation, Marine Mammals, Oceans, Research, Whales, Wildlife center_img Article published by Shreya Dasguptalast_img read more

CCJ orders Guyana to refund $$$ in Environmental tax

first_imgThe Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ruled that Guyana refund Trinidad-based beverage company, SM Jaleel (SMJ) and its subsidiary in Guyana, Environmental Tax imposed between 2011 and 2015 which can amount to millions of dollars.CCJ President, Sir Dennis Byron on Tuesday ruled that the taxes levied during this period are in violation of the Caribbean Community’s (Caricom) Single Market and Economy rules.In handing down the ruling, Sir Dennis Byron stated that Guyana has been clearly unjustly “enriched” at the expense of SMJ and GBI (Guyana Beverages Inc), having collected an unlawful tax directly from them in clear breach of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. Additionally, Guyana will also have to pay an aggregate sum paid by the company to the Government in Environmental Tax from March 7, 2011 to August 7, 2015 together with interest at four per cent per annum from the date of judgement.According to Sir Byron, the Environmental Tax did not promote cross-border trade but tended to frustrate free movement of goods, distorted competition and discriminated against the companies which should have been protected as belonging to the Community.Additionally, Guyana will have to pay 70 per cent of the cost of the court proceedings.The company had sought to have a refund calculated from January 1, 2006 but a five-year limitation period for settlement of cases was pointed out in the ruling.“The court holds that a five-year limitation period is appropriate and will protect States from stale claims in respect of which there would be inherent difficulties in trying to produce documentary or oral evidence.It will, above all, encourage claimants to file suit in a timely fashion,” Sir Byron said in handing down the ruling.Guyana’s legal team was headed by Attorney General Basil Williams, while SM Jaleel was represented by Attorney Hans Lim-A-Po of Suriname.last_img read more

Mad cow disease confirmed in Alabama in 3rd U.S. case

first_imgWASHINGTON – A cow in Alabama has tested positive for mad cow disease, the Agriculture Department said Monday, confirming the third U.S. case of the brain-wasting ailment. The cow did not enter the food supply for people or animals, officials said. The animal, unable to walk, was killed by a local veterinarian and buried on the farm. “We remain very confident in the safety of U.S. beef,” said the department’s chief veterinarian, John Clifford. Authorities said the farm was under an informal quarantine but would not say where it was. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant “We will not release this information at this time until we complete our investigation, and that could take a few days,” said Alabama agriculture commissioner Ron Sparks. The cow had spent less than a year there before it died, officials said. Federal and state investigators are working to determine the cow’s age, where it was born and raised and locate its herd mates and offspring. Sparks said there are no suspect animals on the farm. Clifford said the cow was a Santa Gertrudis breed, a red-color animal that thrives in hotter weather in the southern U.S. The news came as the Bush administration worked to reassure Japan and other foreign customers of American beef. Japan halted U.S. beef shipments in January after finding veal cuts with backbone – cuts that are eaten in the U.S. but not in Asia. Japan was the top customer of American beef until the first U.S. case of mad cow disease prompted a ban it had only recently lifted. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Arsenal’s contract talks with Mesut Ozil have been on hold since February

first_img Mesut Ozil is in the final year of his contract with Arsenal Arsenal and Mesut Ozil have not discussed terms of a new contract since February earlier this year, according to reports.Ozil has now moved into the final year of his deal at the Gunners, however there was little speculation of him moving elsewhere during the summer transfer window, unlike team-mate Alexis Sanchez.There were claims that the Germany international was closing in on a new deal, but they appear to be wide of the mark.According to SportBild, Arsenal and Ozil have not discussed a new contract since talks broke down in February.A new deal including a higher salary for the midfielder was talked about before the Gunners broke away from negotiations.And it would appear the ball remains firmly in Arsenal’s court over the contract saga, with Ozil’s future still unclear. 1last_img read more

Bayern Munich all but guarantee quarter-final spot with thrashing of Besiktas

first_img Thomas Muller netted a brace for Bayern Bayern Munich look assured of a Champions League quarter-final spot for a seventh straight season after thrashing 10-man Besiktas 5-0 in Germany.The Turkish club had a one-man disadvantage from the 16th minute when last man Domagoj Vida brought down Robert Lewandowski and Bayern made their visitors pay with an emphatic round of 16 first-leg victory.Thomas Muller and Lewandowski both netted braces while Kingsley Coman also scored for the five-time European Cup winners.Besiktas’ team was packed full of experience but it was 35-year-old Atiba Hutchinson who played the loose pass that got Vida into trouble early on.Lewandowski latched onto it and headed towards goal only for Vida to slide in before the Pole reached the box with a challenge that got nowhere near the ball and upended the striker.Referee Ovidiu Hategan dismissed Vida for denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and Besiktas were fortunate their misery was not compounded by James Rodriguez’s subsequent free-kick, which was curled just wide.And the visitors had a great chance to go ahead through Vagner Love, who beat Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng only to poke harmlessly over when through.It looked like it might not be Muller’s night when he miscued an attempt into the side of Rodriguez’s face, while Hummels’ header was brilliantly saved by Fabri at close range.Lewandowski teed himself up for an overhead kick that he fired over and in catching midfielder Gary Medel, the Bayern forward also earned himself a caution.Besiktas had deployed an attacking line-up and were threatening as Ricardo Quaresma left Hummels for dead before firing at Sven Ulreich and Pepe blasted over.Yet two minutes before the interval the hosts struck through Muller.Coman fashioned space down the left by turning Adriano inside-out and though intended target David Alaba was unable to bring the ball under his spell, an onside Muller was typically in the right place to swivel and finish.Rodriguez came off for Arjen Robben shortly afterwards, possibly due to the blow he received from Muller’s earlier shot, but Bayern turned the screw at the start of the second half.A free-kick Lewandowski appeared fortunate to win off Adriano was fired onto the post by Bayern’s number nine, who nevertheless provided his team’s second in the 52nd minute.It was an unmarked Coman who stepped onto Lewandowski’s pull back and swept past Fabri to make it 2-0.That was the cue for Besiktas to take off striker Love and replace him with defender Dusko Tosic, though the Germans did not ease off.Coman and Joshua Kimmich were regularly threatening down either flank and the latter’s 66th-minute near-post delivery was turned home via a Muller volley.Besiktas looked increasingly tired and when Hummels fired in an attempt that Fabri pushed out 11 minutes from time, it was Lewandowski who reacted quickest to add a fourth.Bayern showed no mercy as Hummels and Javi Martinez both came close and they would add their fifth in the 88th minute when Muller unselfishly squared for Lewandowski to apply the finish. 1last_img read more

On the pitch: How Scotland compares to the rest of Europe

first_imgProximity has long seen Scotland compared to England but has been left behind by the English Premier League due to the influx of television money over the last few decades. The EPL’s total player value in 2015 was €4.4bn (£3.8bn), the highest in the world.The​ ​Scottish Premiership was​ ​in​ ​44th​ ​place​ ​with​ ​a​ ​total​ ​player​ ​value​ ​of​ ​​€128m.​ With many players heading south from the Scottish game, many have seen the English Championship as a closer comparison for our game but the second-tier in England has the 10th highest value of player pool in the world at €750m.Hibernian​ ​and​ ​Rangers​ ​playing in​ ​the​ ​second​ ​tier contributed to​ ​the​ ​Scottish​ ​Championship​ ​being ​in​ ​89th​ ​place on​ ​€41m.The report also measured the average age of head coaches and managers across the continent, with Scotland’s 43.5 lower than major leagues like England (52.0), Spain (50.0) and Italy (49.1). Job security was above the European average for the 2014/15 season.The average age of player in the Scottish top flight was just above the European average at 25.9 but slightly lower than England’s 26.9 years. The highest average ages could be found in Turkey and Russia (27.1).Stepping down a division in Scotland, the average age of player was 24.9 years. The second tier in the Netherlands was the lowest recorded at just 23.1 years. A UEFA study of football in Europe has found Scotland is among the highest on the continent for employing “expatriate” players and total player value is less than a fifth of the English Championship.European football’s governing body has published its annual Benchmarking Report, studying every aspect of club football. The report compiled demographic breakdowns and player value across its professional leagues in addition to the detailed financial information.Among the findings on leagues across Europe, a study was made of how many players in a domestic league came from outwith that national association. Imports: Scottish football has a high level of ‘ex-pat’ players. SNS Group The Scottish game lagged behind most others in terms of domestic players in their own league. “Expatriate players” accounted for 50.5% of all players in the Scottish top flight, the seventh highest ratio in Europe. The only countries with a higher percentage were England (Premiership and Championship), Cyprus, Belgium, Portugal and Italy.When assessing the difference in value across football on the continent, some other standout figures emerged.Fees: English Championship a big spender. PAlast_img read more

Billy Davies withdraws from race to become Hearts boss

first_imgBilly Davies has pulled out of the running to become the next head coach of Hearts.The former Motherwell, Preston, Derby and Nottingham Forest manager had interviewed for the position made vacant by Ian Cathro’s departure. He expressed concerns about the overall structure at the club, however, and said he is no longer interested in the role.Davies also suggested the club did not have the necessary finances to change the structure in order to achieve future success. The 53-year old was on a shortlist compiled by Hearts chairwoman Ann Budge and director of football Craig Levein. The list also included Dougie Freedman, Steven Pressley, Paul Hartley and Hearts interim boss and Under-20s coach Jon Daly. Freedman has since been appointed as Crystal Palace’s sporting director.In a statement released by his representatives Superior Sports Management, Davies said: “I spoke to Hearts, looked at their structure and gave them a clear plan on how to alter it to improve the club. “It appears they are not ready to make the internal changes required to achieve greater success. It seems to me they just want to change the figurehead. “It’s my belief just changing the manager will not achieve what’s required for success and perhaps the alterations are outwith their financial boundaries at present.“I wish them well in their future endeavours.”last_img read more

The Highest-Paid Celebrities Under 30

first_img“Forbes” put out a list of The Highest-Paid Celebrities Under 30, and TAYLOR SWIFT came out on top.  She pulled down an estimated $170 million over the past year.But despite Taylor’s success, just FOUR of the 37 young people on this list are women.  Also, one-third of them are from another country . . . and a good chunk of them are ATHLETES.  That makes sense, because star athletes can score big contracts at a young age . . .As opposed to entertainers, who usually have to build up to that kind of money a little more.  There are 30 spots on the list, and 37 people in total, because it includes two boy bands.  Here’s the Top 10:1.  Taylor Swift, $170 million.  She’s 26.2.  One Direction, $110 million.  Louis Tomlinson is 24, Niall Horan and Liam Payne are 23, and Harry Stylesis 22.  They’re on hiatus now, but the Forbes data is from June of 2015 up to this past June, so it includes a chunk of their last tour.3.  Soccer player Lionel Messi, $81.5 million.  He’s 29.4.  Adele, $80.5 million.  She’s 28.5.  Rihanna, $75 million.  She’s 28.6.  Justin Bieber, $56 million.  He’s 22.  And he’s also the youngest person on the Top 30 list, just barely edging Harry Styles by about a month.28-year-old NBA star Kevin Durant is tied with Justin at $56 million, as is the world’s top tennis player Novak Djokovic.  He’s 29.9.  The Weeknd, $55 million.  He’s 26.10.  A TIE between 27-year-old quarterback Cam Newton, and 23-year-old golf stud Jordan Spieth, who both pulled down $53 million. Collectively, the 37 young people on this list raked in roughly $1.5 billion in 12 months, before taxes and fees. For the record, there are a few people further down the list like Drake and Usain Bolt who have turned 30 in recent months.  They’re still included because they were under 30 during the period when the data was collected, which ran up to June 1st.last_img read more