Counselling absolutely necessary for individuals who exhibit suicide warning-signs

first_imgDear Editor,The Caribbean Voice (TCV) joins with others in expressing our angst that a young man had to take his life because of the stigma attached to his sexuality. Amidst the many issues arising out of this tragedy, we would like to emphasise the necessity of counselling.News reports indicate that the young Cop was out partying with friends, some of whom knew of his intentions to take his own life and thought they had convinced him otherwise. The reality is that with respect to suicide ideation and/or warning signs, a layperson, no matter how well meaning, can end up pushing the individual faster towards suicide. And, as TCV and so many others have constantly been advocating, once suicide ideation is expressed or warning signs noted, it is critical to get someone with necessary counselling credentials and experience to deal with the situation.In addition to the Suicide Helpline, counselling can be accessed through the National Psychiatric Institution at New Amsterdam, the Psychiatric Ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital, the counselling centre at Corriverton (started by former Magistrate Krishnadat Persaud), Help and Shelter, Guyana Foundation, SASOD, Monique’s Helping Hands, Crossroads Suicide and Mental Health Awareness Services and The Caribbean Voice, among other NGOs and entities providing such services, mostly for free.As well, every region has sociologists and/or welfare officers who do have some amount of counselling training as do a number of Government agencies such as the Public Health Ministry’s Mental Health Unit, Childcare and Protection Agency, various regional health authorities, and so on. We urge all media to get hold of all contact information through which counselling can be accessed and publish them even if once a month as a public service. As well, we urge the Public Health Ministry to compile all the available counselling services, private and Public Sector, and make them widely available via various avenues, including traditional and social media and flyers and postersThe fact is that counsellors possess requisite training and experience to help patients improve their mood, cope with their diagnosis and change harmful behaviours. Counselling often focuses on stress management, coping skills and therapeutic education. The medium of communication is emphatic, geared towards being non-judgmental, non-threatening, and building comfort and trust, thereby making it easy for patients to verbalise their feelings and enabling them to work towards positive goals. Counselling also helps people to be able to dissect their problems then figure out how to solve them.In Guyana there is a stigma attached to counselling as many feel that only ‘mad people’ need counselling. It is important for this stigma to be eliminated so that seeking counselling becomes a normal, everyday desire as long as the need for such counselling becomes necessary. And, again, The Caribbean Voice believes that the media can play a significant role in eliminating this stigma.Incidentally, we repeat our appeal for media to stop using the term ‘commit suicide’ and instead use ‘died by suicide’ or is/was a suicide victim. ‘Commit’ has connotations that criminalises suicide but suicide is most certainly not a criminal act.The Caribbean Voice can be reached via email to or via Check out our website at or our Facebook group page at,The Caribbean Voicelast_img read more

Road-rage incident escalates to shooting

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! While no bullets hit the intended victim, identified as Amir Imani, 25, a stray bullet hit Chris Kirikian, 20, who was inside the restaurant, in the right cheek, Hallden said. The wounds were not life threatening. After the gunman ran out of ammunition, a group of people chased the suspect and tackled him until police arrived. Robert Hudson, 20, of Porter Ranch, was identified as the shooter. He was charged this week with one count of attempted murder, one count assault with deadly weapon and shooting into an inhabited dwelling, said Hallden, adding that the suspect has a prior criminal history. He wouldn’t elaborate. “Basically, he’s stupid to do it because there was a security guard down the street and all these other people,” Hallden said. TARZANA – A road-rage incident recently escalated into a shooting at a Tarzana restaurant and bar, left a man with a bullet wound to the cheek and sent the suspected trigger man to jail. The incident began about 10 p.m. June 1 when a motorist cut off another motorist on Ventura Boulevard at Tampa Avenue, said Los Angeles Police Lt. Gary Hallden, of the West Valley Division. The suspect’s car followed the victim’s car into the parking lot of Ramzy’s restaurant and bar at 19563 Ventura Blvd. Once there, the two got into an argument, then the suspect pulled out a .45 semi automatic pistol and fired up to five rounds from outside the restaurant.last_img read more

Pakistani high court repudiates Musharraf

first_imgThe reach of the rulings was a surprise. Many Pakistanis had expected the court to reinstate Chaudhry but let the tribunal’s investigation continue, and the verdict was widely hailed as a democratic breakthrough for a country dominated by the military for most of its 60-year history. It was seen as strengthening the independence of the courts, which are expected to hear challenges to Musharraf’s plan to seek a new five-year presidential term from outgoing lawmakers rather than wait for parliamentary elections due by January. Critics also oppose Musharraf holding the dual posts of president and chief of the military, as he has since seizing power in a 1999 coup. Cheers from lawyers who have led mass protests against Musharraf reverberated around the high-roofed Supreme Court chamber after a grim-faced presiding Judge Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday announced that Chaudhry’s suspension was “illegal” and set aside the charges against him. In accepting the verdict, Musharraf gave no indication of his next move. ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Pakistan’s highest court dealt President Pervez Musharraf the biggest political blow of his eight years in power, blocking the U.S.-allied general Friday from removing the country’s chief justice. The surprise decision to throw out Musharraf’s case against the jurist spurred new demands from democracy campaigners that the president step down, clouding his future just as Pakistan faces a surge in violence by Islamic militants. Recent fighting had overshadowed the judicial dispute, and the ruling likely will ease public anger over the ouster, at least for now. Musharraf said he would respect the decision, but analysts said Pakistan could be in for turbulent times if he sticks with his drive to stay in power. In its landmark ruling, Supreme Court judges ruled unanimously that Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry be restored to his post and voted 10-3 to quash charges of misconduct that the president filed against the justice before a separate judicial tribunal. “The president respects the decision of the Supreme Court,” his spokesman, Rashid Qureshi, was quoted as telling the state-run news agency. “The president has stated earlier that any judgment the Supreme Court arrives at will be honored, respected and adhered to.” A similar tone was struck by the U.S. government, which considers Musharraf a key ally in the fight against terror groups. State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said the reinstatement “respects the rule of law” and he praised the fact that the high court is “capable of making independent decisions.” Musharraf’s defeat prompted jubilation at gatherings of lawyers in major cities, including Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Rawalpindi. Outside the court in Islamabad, Chaudhry’s lead attorney, Aitzaz Ahsan, said the chief justice’s reinstatement was “a victory for the entire nation.” Lawyers swarmed the lawyer, chanting “Go, Musharraf, go!” Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who lives in exile, called the ruling one of the most remarkable judgments in Pakistan’s history and said it weakened Musharraf politically. She said the movement to support Chaudhry had become a “struggle against dictatorship, (for the) restoration of the Constitution and for supremacy of the Parliament.” There has been speculation Bhutto was considering joining her Pakistan People’s Party with Musharraf in a new coalition government, but political analysts said the ruling could scuttle that idea. “I have real doubts whether Benazir Bhutto would jump onto a sinking ship,” said Rasul Bakhsh Rais, a political science professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences. “But even if that happens, it will be temporary relief because any measure by the president will be challenged in the Supreme Court.” He predicted judges emboldened by Friday’s decision would torpedo Musharraf’s plan to continue as military chief and get a new presidential mandate from the outgoing parliament and also block any attempt by the president to impose a state of emergency or martial law. Musharraf has been embattled since he suspended Chaudhry on March 9, accusing the judge of using his rank to secure a police job for his son and enjoying unwarranted privileges such as the use of government aircraft. While the government insisted the case had no political motive, critics suspected Musharraf wanted to remove an independent-minded judge before the legal challenges are made against his effort to retain power. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, a leader of a six-party coalition of Islamist opposition parties opposed to Musharraf’s alliance with Washington, urged the president to “accept his mistake and quit.” The government’s mishandling of Chaudhry – he was confronted by the heads of Pakistan’s feared intelligence agencies when he refused to resign and spent days under virtual house arrest – eroded Musharraf’s support among many voters and even his political allies. He was particularly hurt after he stood by a pro-government party accused of orchestrating clashes with Chaudhry supporters in Karachi in May that killed more than 40 people. In a reflection of the unease among Musharraf’s supporters, a leader of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid party, Mushahid Hussain Sayed, welcomed Friday’s ruling as “historic” and congratulated Chaudhry even though the judge has become a rallying point for government foes. With violence escalating between the government and religious militants, democracy campaigners argue that the United States shouldn’t view the Pakistani military as the sole guarantor of the country’s stability. “On the one hand, they want to build democracy and a democratic future in Muslim society,” Rais said of U.S. officials. “At the same time, in every country where democracy has a real possibility, they have been hedging their bets.” Suicide attacks, bombings and fighting between security forces and Islamic militants has killed about 290 people since clashes between the army and radicals in Islamabad’s Red Mosque broke out July 3. “We must all unite against the current wave of extremism and militancy,” Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz was quoted by state media Friday as he announced his acceptance of the Supreme Court’s verdict. There was no let-up in the violence – a suicide attack in the restive North Waziristan region killed four people Friday. Associated Press writers Sadaqat Jan and Munir Ahmad contributed to this report.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Goodall whoops it up at L.A. Zoo

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORESurfer attacked by shark near Channel Islands calls rescue a ‘Christmas miracle’That bit of monkey business caused children and parents alike to erupt into cheers for a woman whose groundbreaking work with chimpanzees helped open the eyes and warm the hearts of humans to their distant cousins. As part of Ape Awareness Day at the zoo, Goodall’s brief appearance attracted throngs eager to see in person the tender, English woman and star of countless documentaries, magazine articles and books they remember from school. Dozens of children sat cross-legged and knee to knee in front of her as she shared stories of how she earned money as a waitress to pay for her way to live in Africa to begin to observe chimpanzees in 1960. As a girl, she had fallen in love with the stories of Tarzan and “was jealous of that stupid, wimpy other Jane he married.” She told her audience of the first time she gained the trust of a chimp, how he let her watch him use and make tools. She learned of their devotion to family, their eagerness to learn, and how they engaged in warfare to protect turf from other chimps. GRIFFITH PARK – Renowned primatologist Jane Goodall stepped up to the podium with the gentle ease of a dignitary. With her silver hair woven neatly into her trademark ponytail, Goodall was about to tell a gathering at the L.A. Zoo Sunday about the serious threats facing her beloved chimpanzees in the jungles of Tanzania. But before tackling such serious issues, the 72-year-old ape expert greeted her guests with a primordial scream. “Woop whooooo! Woop whooooo!” a gleeful Goodall chirped in the language of the great apes she has closely studied for nearly five decades. “It was sad to see that chimpanzees, like us, have a dark side,” she said. “When I learned about this, I realized they were a lot like us.” Goodall, who was named “Messenger of Peace” in 2002 for the United Nations, travels to schools and events 300 days out of the year to teach children about the importance of conservation and environmental responsibility. She explained how the logging industry has chopped away at natural habitat, how the growth of poverty in Africa has led to many wars, and the greed of poachers who sell animal parts on the black market for giant profits. In just 47 years, she said, the chimpanzee population has shrunk: from a million to 200,000. “It’s sad, therefore, that chimpanzees, so much like us, are being driven to extinction in the world,” she said. “In the wild, they are dying.” For many children in the audience, Goodall’s appearance was a dream come true. Animal lover and seventh-grader Michael Aronson of Brentwood said he had learned about Goodall through his parents. “I’d like to work with animals, maybe as a zookeeper,” said the pensive 11-year-old. “It looks really cool.” For grown women, Goodall is a hero. “I loved her since I was a child,” Alison Gann said. “She inspired me.” Amy Callister, a zoo docent for 38 years, had a special reason for meeting Goodall. Callister carried a folded, typewritten letter in her jacket pocket, written by the primatologist. Callister’s husband, Thomas, a physician, once examined Goodall for a sore throat. When he died four months ago, Callister’s son wrote to Goodall, who responded with the letter. Callister showed her the letter, and Goodall comforted her. “It makes me want to cry,” Callister said. “Sharing the letter with her helps me to move forward.” For Goodall, seeing the way she is greeted by youth is still an unexpected thrill. “In this day and age, when rock stars are greeted the way the are, and I’ve done nothing except to sit in a jungle, I am still amazed,” she said. “It gives me hope.” (818) 713-3664160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Sir Alex Ferguson and Eric Cantona joined in Man United celebrations after PSG win

first_imgThe United players were heard chanting Solskjaer’s name after surely sealing the permanent manager’s position.“I keep doing this job as best as I can every single day and let’s see where it takes us,” he said.“It’s been a fantastic time with the players and the staff I’ve got working with me. I’m going to enjoy this job as long as I’ve got it.“If it’s another two or three months, however long it is, I’m going to enjoy it, I’m going to smile.”FirstPrev1 of 1NextLastThere are no entries on this page.FirstPrev1 of 1NextLast Sir Alex Ferguson and Eric Cantona joined in the Manchester United celebrations after their famous victory over Paris Saint-Germain.United stunned the French champions in the last 16 of the Champions League, overturning a 2-0 first leg loss in remarkable fashion in Paris on Wednesday night.  2 King Eric LOVED that one 😃👑 #MUFC #UCL— Manchester United (@ManUtd) March 6, 2019Solskjaer’s side embodied the positivity displayed by their manager and spirit synonymous with the club over the years as they became the first team in Champions League history to overcome a first-leg home loss by two goals in a knockout match.“I’ve got some fantastic memories,” the 1999 treble hero said. “Eh, football – that’s what it gives you.“It’s special when you’re a coach or a manager doing it with your staff and players.“The dressing room in there was absolutely unbelievable, just to see the whole club together with the owners, ex-managers, ex-players. Great atmosphere.” Marcus Rashford kept his cool to send United to the last eight Marcus Rashford slammed home a stoppage-time penalty to wrap up a stunning 3-1 win for United after referee Damir Skomina adjudged Presnel Kimpembe had handled the ball in the box following the video assistant referee’s intervention.Interim boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his team were then joined in the dressing room by their greatest ever manager Ferguson and the club’s iconic former striker Cantona.They congratulated the players and Solskjaer, with United releasing a picture of the trio on their social media channels captioned: ‘Legends’. Legends. ✊#MUFC— Manchester United (@ManUtd) March 6, 2019Ferguson was United manager 20 years ago when the club clinched the Champions League with a remarkable victory over German giants Bayern secured thanks to two injury-time goals by Teddy Sheringham and Solskjaer.United had earlier uploaded a video of a beaming Cantona in the stands at the Parc des Princes, with the Frenchman saying: “I love it. I am so happy. I am so happy.”The 52-year-old – a four-time title winner in his spell at Old Trafford – is regarded as one of United’s greatest ever players. Solskjaer celebrates with the Manchester United fans in Paris 2last_img read more

Luton win League One title, Southend and Wimbledon stay up, Doncaster in play-offs

first_img 4 LATEST FOOTBALL NEWS 4 Barnsley had already been sure of automatic promotion following midweek results, but could not end the season with victory at the Memorial Stadium.Kieffer Moore had put the Tykes ahead in the 12th minute but defender Liam Lindsay was sent off for a second caution just before half-time.Alex Rodman’s deflected shot drew Rovers level after 71 minutes before the winger snatched all three points in stoppage time.Elsewhere, Tom Eaves scored twice in the first half as managerless Gillingham won 3-0 at Blackpool. Luton are the League One champions Berahino hits back at b******t Johnson criticism – ‘I was in a dark place at Stoke’ tense Southend had looked to be heading down before Stephen Humphrys struck with just three minutes left to seal a 2-1 win against Sunderland, who will take part in the play-offs.John White had put the home side in front at Roots Hall from a corner just before half-time, but Chris Maguire equalised with a penalty in the 75th minute.Southend’s late show sent Plymouth down, despite the Pilgrims beating fellow relegation batters Scunthorpe 3-2.Walsall’s goalless draw at Shrewsbury was not enough to prevent them from dropping into League Two.AFC Wimbledon, though, survived after a 0-0 draw away to bottom club Bradford.At the other end of the table, Doncaster made sure of their play-off place with a 2-0 win over Coventry.Peterborough beat Burton 3-1, but finished in seventh place – just a point behind Rovers.Charlton go into the play-offs having ended the season in third following a 4-0 home win over Rotherham, with Joe Aribo, Lyle Taylor and Krystian Bielik all on the scoresheet at The Valley.Portsmouth are fourth after a 1-1 draw against Accrington, while Sunderland’s defeat sees them confirmed in fifth place. ADVICE Portsmouth were confirmed in fourth place following their match REVEALED Google Premier League Team of the Season so far, including Liverpool and Leicester stars Wycombe beat Fleetwood 1-0 to ensure their survival in the division REVEALED Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? 4 The Hatters had already secured promotion, and two goals from George Moncur helped see of Oxford at Kenilworth Road.Elliot Lee was also on target for the home side early in the second half, while defender Luke Garbutt had pulled a goal back for the U’s on the hour before Moncur wrapped up the title.At Home Park, it had looked as if Plymouth were going to pull off the great escape as Lloyd Jones and Freddie Ladapo put the home side seemingly in controlKyle Wootton pulled a goal back before the break and Josh Morris equalised on the hour, after Pilgrims keeper Matt Macey had tried to throw the ball out to get treatment.Graham Carey restored Argyle’s lead, but events on the Essex coast took fate out of their hands, with relegation confirmed on goal difference.Joe Jacobson scored direct from a corner to give Wycombe a 1-0 win over Fleetwood, which saw the Chairboys pull clear of the survival battle. Doncaster made sure of their play-off place after headed goals in each half against Coventry from Kieran Sadlier and John Marquis.Ivan Toney had scored twice for Peterborough in their 3-1 win over Burton, but it was not enough to sneak into the top six.Portsmouth had to come from behind after Sean McConville put Accrington ahead soon after the restart, with Ben Close equalising on the hour. Boxing Day fixtures: All nine Premier League games live on talkSPORT REPLY Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won gameday cracker Oxlade-Chamberlain suffers another setback as Klopp confirms serious injury BEST OF Son ban confirmed as Tottenham fail with appeal to overturn red card no dice 4 Ronaldo warned Lukaku how hard scoring goals in Serie A would be before Inter move Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions Plymouth, Walsall and Scunthorpe United were relegated on an enthralling final day in League One.Southend United secured a dramatic victory at home to Sunderland to secure safety along with AFC Wimbledon, who drew at Bradford.Meanwhile, Luton Town pipped Barnsley to the title with a win over Oxford United, while Doncaster Rovers claimed the final play-off spot ahead of Peterborough United. huge blow shining Green reveals how he confronted Sarri after Chelsea’s 6-0 defeat at Man City The final League One table for the 2018/19 season last_img read more

Chatham man found with brass knuckles

first_imgA 37-year-old Chatham man arrested for shoplifting ended up with a bigger problem when he was found with brass knuckles.Chatham-Kent police responded to a shoplifting incident involving the accused on Thursday.A suspect was found a short distance away and arrested for theft and possession of stolen property, police said.Brass knuckles were allegedly found on the accused while he was being searched during the arrest.Police said the accused is bound by a lifetime weapons prohibition, resulting in a charge of possession of a weapon contrary to a probation order.The man was taken into custody pending a bail hearing.Ridgetown man arrested on warrantA 30-year-old Ridgetown man landed in custody after being found by Chatham-Kent police Thursday and arrested on an outstanding warrant for break enter.Police said a search conducted during the arrest resulted in the accused allegedly being found  in possession of property stolen during several other residential break and enters.The man was also found to be breaching conditions of a probation order, police said.The accused was charged with one count of break and enter, three counts of possession of stolen property and four counts of breach of probation.He was taken into custody pending a bail hearing, police said.last_img read more

The Retail Industry’s Biggest Expo Features Integrated Technology at the Heart of Omni-Channel Retailing

first_imgIntegrated technology is on display throughout the exhibition halls at the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show in New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center January 15–17. On-shelf availability, product visibility, customer experience, associate management, and, yes, asset protection—all are included in solutions provided by hundreds of companies both large and small.ClickIt’s Jim Paul is talking to retail attendees from operations, IT, marketing, and loss prevention about their patented Virtual Line Up video application that identifies shoppers as well as offenders without privacy issues so retailers can measure frequency and duration of visits, monitor movements and suspicious activity, differentiate between associates and guests, and receive alerts for potential problems.Research scientist and entrepreneur Manuel Davy, founder and president of Vekia, is one of ten French technology startups invited to the BIG Show. Vekia’s software uses machine learning to analyze data from divergent sources inside the retail enterprise–as well as outside sources such as social media–to optimize the retail supply chain with more precise sales forecast, inventory management, and store replenishment inform,ation.- Sponsor – Zebra Technologies announces their SmartSense™ for Retail asset visibility solution that combines RFID, video, and an innovative micro-location capability to identify and track the location and movement of merchandise, shoppers, and employees in a retail store in real-time. The technology is meant to help retailers achieve optimal stocking levels, detect and identify misplaced merchandise or assets, pinpoint theft, and enhance store promotions and product placement activities.Seen Walking the FloorDespite the tens of thousands of attendees at the BIG Show, a few familiar faces show up along the way:King Rogers at the Axis booth making sure his nephew, Hedgie Bartol, is behaving.Stuart Levine of The Zellman Group chatting with Tom Rittman at the Retail Equation booth.Bloomingdale’s Chad McIntosh visiting a few vendors before sitting on a panel with Axonify.Kevin Lynch chatting up visitors at the Tyco booth.Chilean Jorge Nazer, founder of Grupo ALTO, with CEO Jorge Encina and US Country Manager Cristian Lopez checking out North American retail. Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Apple’s New MacBook Pro: Amazing “Retina” Screen and Super Thin

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting dan frommer Tags:#Apple#web Apple just unveiled the first of today’s big announcements at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.Apple’s new “next generation” MacBook Pro is a 15-inch laptop that’s modeled after the MacBook Air. It includes a super high-resolution “retina” display – a first for the Mac – and is very thin: 0.71 inches. And it’s actually not crazy expensive for Apple’s Pro notebook lineup: It starts at $2,199, or $400 more than the entry-level “old” 15-inch MacBook Pro.The “standard” MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air also got more powerful: Faster chips, more memory, faster graphics, new USB 3 ports, etc. All of the new models start shipping today.Notebooks represented 70% of Apple’s Mac sales last quarter, so these are important updates. The Mac division is now about 13% of Apple’s overall sales, growing 2% year-over-year. Not nearly as big as the iPhone or iPad, but still an important business for Apple.Photo courtesy Gdgt. Follow along their WWDC liveblog here. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

IRS Changes Compliance Assurance Process Program

first_imgThe IRS has changed the Compliance Assurance Process (CAP) program for 2019. CAP is a cooperative pre-filing program for some of the largest taxpayers. The IRS made the changes in order to keep the program consistent with its original objectives.2019 Compliance Assurance Process Program ChangesFirst, the 2019 application period will open October 1, 2018, for existing CAP taxpayers who meet the program eligibility requirements, including suitability criteria.  The IRS will also close the application period on November 30, 2018. This will give affected taxpayers more time to assess the proposed changes.Second, as part of the application, taxpayers will have to provide a preliminary list of material issues for the year. If applicable, taxpayers will also have to provide specified transfer pricing issue information and research credit information.Third, the IRS will allocate resources to the CAP program as part of its annual planning. This is part of the IRS’s overall efforts to ensure that it deploys resources appropriately.Fourth, since effective communication and prompt resolution of issues are key components of CAP,  additional requirements will apply to both taxpayers and IRS in these areas.Fifth, taxpayers will have to provide a representation letter within 30 days of return filing. Deadlines will also apply to the IRS post-filing review. This is intended to promote timely resolution of each year’s issues.Finally, the IRS will continue the Compliance Maintenance phase of CAP, but it will be modified.TheIRS hopes these proposed changes will:improve the program’s operation,make the best use of limited government resources, andensure the program is sustainable.The changes are effective for the 2019 application period. The IRS also expects to make edditional changes for the following year and into the future.IR-2018-174Login to read more tax news on CCH® AnswerConnect or CCH® Intelliconnect®.Not a subscriber? Sign up for a free trial or contact us for a representative.last_img read more