Drago Vukovic about Stefansson Iceland wont miss him to much

One of the best Croatian players in the 2011, left back of German Lubecke, Drago Vukovic (29) thinks that decision of Olafur Stefansson to miss next EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia won’t be a problem for Iceland:– That will be tough openning game. Iceland is very good team. Many of the players are from Bundesliga. They play very good defense with fantastic Sigurdsson in counter attack. We have to impose our style, if we want to take two points at the beginning – said Vukovic for Balkan-Handball.com.How much they will miss Olafur Stefansson?– He is their handball legend. He wins a lot of game, but also, miss some in the finish. Petersson plays fantastic in Fuchse Berlin and he is ready to replace him. They won’t miss Stefansson too much.Slovenia and Norway?– We had tough match against Norway at the start of EHF EURO 2010 in Austria. It will be tough match, we must not underestimate Scandinavians. Slovenia has a young team, full motivated and ready for a challenge. ← Previous Story EHF EURO 2012: A List of “TOP 10” Handball Stars! Next Story → Slovakia is ready for Serbia – Heister announced official squad! Drago VukovicEHF EURO 2012 read more

Vukovic invites the fourth goalkeeper – Slavisa Djukanovic

← Previous Story French preparation for Olympics – Bikes, Climbing, fun…(VIDEO) Next Story → Elisei pregnant – not leaving Oltchim! Dragan MarjanacSlavisa DjukanovicVeselin Vukovic Serbian NT preparing for the Olympics at the most popular national mountain resort – Kopaonik. Before the preparation began last Monday NT coach, Veselin Vukovic invites third goalkeeper Slavisa Djukanovic because of small injury of Dragan Marjanac.  Djukanovic is one of the best goalkeeper in the French League, who playing in Saint Raphael.

Alexandra Do Nascimento about WCh 2013 Time for Brazilian medal – Norway

The IHF World’s Best Female player in 2012, Brazilian star Alexandrina Do Nascimento talks for Serbia2013.com about the upcoming Women’s World Championship in Serbia and the chances of Brazilian team. Lefthander from Austrian HYPO looking forward to another great handball event… Alexandra Do NascimentoBrasilBrasil handballbrazilserbia2013.comwomen’s world handball championship During the last EHF week, you have played and won the tournament in Hungary, where Brazil beat teams as Norway, Croatia and Hungary. Are you satisfied with the team’s form and atmosphere? – We don´t have a lot of time to prepare ourselves for the WCh, so we need to use every opportunity to try ourselves and the torunament in Hungary helped us a lot to improve. The atmosphere is always good, when all Brazilians gather, so we look forward with a positive attitude to the WCh.Is Brasil capable to take the first historical medal in Serbia?–  We failed in the last times in the quarterfinals, only minor things were missing. We certainly hope that this time we can go further and win a medal. If you take a look at recent years in handball, none of the teams win a medal at first, you need hard work and commitment for winning it, that´s our goal what we work on in our clubs.You will play in Group B with Serbia, Denmark, Japan, China and Algeria. What are expectations from the clashes and who is the first favorite to win the group?–  I hope it´ll be Brazil winning the group. We hope to achieve this and we know that we have to give 100% in every match. At the end it won´t matter who is first or second, important matches will be the 1/8 finals and 1/4 finals.Who are the favorites to take the gold in Serbia?–  Brasil ! (she laughs) In Hungary we have played against Norway B and despite the top players were missing, they showed a great fast handball. This team uses same style as Norway A, so if you make a mistake, they punish you with quick counterattacks. For me they´re number one favourite for gold medal.As the best world’s players award by IHF in 2012, do you feel pressure with that “prize on your back”. All eyes are on you…–  There is no pressure really. When I play handball, I try to give my best and besides that also support my colleagues. Just like in Hypo NÖ, where I help younger, inexperienced players to become better.After China and Brasil, WWCh is coming to Serbia – back to Europe. What are your expectations from new big handball event?– Honestly I don´t know much about the country, and as we´ll focus on handball all the time, we will only have little opportunity to visit sights or cities. For sure, we´ll only have few fans in the arenas. We are expecting a full loud hall for the match against Serbia – concludes Alexandra. ← Previous Story Women’s EHF CL: Gyor, Larvik and Vardar at TOP 8! Next Story → EHF EURO 2014 STILL AN OPTION: Lauge two months out! read more

New Barca win in Plock

← Previous Story VIDEO: Du Rietz saves “Lions” in Szeged – Routine Vardar win in Sweden Next Story → Zeitz like a bomb for Kiel win over PSG! FC Barcelona LassaOrlen Wisla PlockVelux EHF Champions League FC Barcelona Lassa began European season in the best possible way. The guys of Xavi Pascual showed domination in Polish Plock, the place which was problematic for the Spanish champions in the past. Good enough second half made the difference on the side of Lazarov, Tomas and Co.The TOP scorer was left wing Rivera with seven goals, Jallouz netted six.Orlen Wisła Płock – FC Barcelona Lassa 23:28 (12:11)Orlen Wisła:  Corrales, Wichary – Daszek 3, Duarte 1, Racotea, Wiśniewski 1, Ghionea 1, Rocha 1, Gębala T., Ivić 4, Tarabochia 1, Gębala M. 3, Pusica 1, Mihić 2, De Toledo 1, Żytnikow 4.FC Barcelona: Perez de Vargas – Tomas 4, Entrrerios 3, Sorhaindo, Andersson, Arino, Rivera 7, N’Guessan 1, Syprzak 2, Mem, Morros 1, Jallouz 6, Lazarov 4.In the last match of the Day, THW Kiel beat PSG Handball 28:27.STANDINGS:FC Barcelona Lassa 2THW Kiel 2Bjerringbro Silkeborg 1Telekom Veszprem 1SG Flensburg 1Kadetten Schaffhausen 0PSG Handball 0Orlen Wisla Plock 0 read more

Maik Machulla to replace Vranjes at SG Flensburg Handewitt

SG Flensburg Handewitt have found replacement for Ljubomir Vranjes! Vranjes’ assistant Maik Machulla will replace him at the end of current season. The 40-years old coach who came to Flensburg in 2011, signed three years contract with German team.I am very proud that SG gave me such an important job. I will take it with a big respect, but also with high self-confidence – said Machulla on official promotion.Machulla is in the club since 2011.Vranjes goes in direction Hungary, where he will overtake dual function in national team and Telekom Veszprem.Veszprem’s sport director, Eklemovic: Vranjes is Mourinho of handball! ← Previous Story PPD Zagreb beat RK Celje with 79 seconds for last attack!? Next Story → 79 seconds of last attack without shot!? Mackovsek: Monkeys from Belarus destroy all” Maik Machulla read more


7. Orlen Wisla Plock14329367:401(-34)8 6. Bjerringbro-Silkeborg144010364:396(-32)8 3. Telekom Veszprém14824381:365(16)18 ← Previous Story Lino Cervar to leave Macedonia because Croatia! Next Story → BSV Bjerringbro Silkeborg take the last train for TOP 16! THW Kiel: Landin (1.-18., 2 saves), Wolff (18.-60., 4 saves); Duvnjak (2), Toft Hansen (1), Lackovic (2), Sprenger, Dissinger (2), Wiencek (n.e.), Ekberg (3/1), Zeitz (2), Dahmke, Brozovic (1), Vujin (5), Bilyk (2), Nilsson (3), Santos (1); Trainer: GislasonTABELA: 5. THW Kiel14527353:376(-23)12 8. Kadetten Schaffhausen141013370:440(-70)2 4. SG Flensburg-Handewitt14716382:366(16)15 Paris Saint Germain Handball made on of the worst nights ever in the history of THW Kiel. The most successful German team in the last three decades, suffered the most convincing defeat in history of their participation at European level – 24:42.Paris Saint-Germain: Skof (43.-60. und , 5 saves), Omeyer (1.-53., 15 saves); Gensheimer (7/3), Möllgaard, Stepancic (5), Kounkoud (1), Garain (3), Remili (2), Abalo (4), L. Karabatic (1), Hansen (6/1), Narcisse (1), Nielsen (4), N. Karabatic (7), Nahi (1); Trainer: Serdarusic 1. FC Barcelona Lassa141211413:354(59)25 2. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…141202451:383(68)24 read more

PSG Handball beat Telekom Veszprem in clash of titans

Telekom Veszprém: Mikler, Alilovic – Manaskov 3, Schuch, Ilic 4, Tonnesen 5, Gajic 5, Nilsson 3, Accambray 2, Ugalde 1, Marguc 4 (3), Terzic, Blagotinsek 1, Lékai Fantastic Thierry Omeyer, powerful duo Karabatic (8) and Sagosen (6) with Kempf as the last punisher, Paris Saint Germain won the biggest derby of the Group against Telekom Veszprem 33:28 (19:14).Domestic team of Zvonimir Noka Serdarusic had full control over the result from the first until the last minute to ensure pole position at the end of first part of Preliminary Round in VELUX EHF Champions League.PSG Handball – Telekom Veszprém 33:28 (19:14)PSG Handball: Corrales, Omeyer – Gensheimer 2, Mollgaard, Stepancic, Sagosen 6, Kounkoud 1, Damjanovic, Remili 4, Kempf 6, Hansen 3, Nielsen 3, N. Karabatic 8, Nahi ← Previous Story MIRACLE: RK Celje PL win in Kiel! Next Story → WIN IN DENMARK: PGE Vive Kielce again on TOP 16 road PSG HandballTelekom Veszprem read more

Watch Starlings at it again with dazzling Galway murmuration

first_img(Youtube / Lesley Joyce)WE’VE SEEN SOME murmurations in our time (purely on Youtube obviously) but this video from the parish of Lackagh in Galway is among the most mesmerising.Recorded by Lesley Joyce, the phenomenon has been happening at about 4pm every day for the past few weeks when the starlings gather above a church in the area.Enjoy.(H/T Emma Joyce)Read: Beautiful murmuration of starlings causes power outages in village >WATCH: Starlings do their thing in Wexford >last_img

Microsoft appoints Nadella as its new CEO

first_imgThe opportunity ahead for Microsoft is vast, but to seize it, we must focus clearly, move faster and continue to transform. A big part of my job is to accelerate our ability to bring innovative products to our customers more quickly. Satya is a proven leader with hard-core engineering skills, business vision and the ability to bring people together. His vision for how technology will be used and experienced around the world is exactly what Microsoft needs as the company enters its next chapter of expanded product innovation and growth.The appointment comes after Microsoft announced record revenue in the last quarter of 2013. The company made a net income of $6.56 billion while revenue hit a record high of $24.52 billion. (Video: Microsoft/YouTube)Read: Xbox One and Surface tablet sales results helps Microsoft boost revenue >Read: Bill Gates did a Secret Santa with someone on the internet > With Nadella’s appointment, founder Bill Gates will step down as Chairman today and will now be Technology Advisor for the company’s Board of Directors. John Thompson, who was the lead independent director for the Board of Directors, will become the new Chairman.Speaking about the appointment, Gates believes that Nadella is the person to move the company forward.center_img MICROSOFT HAS APPOINTED Satya Nadella to be the company’s new CEO, becoming the third person to hold the position since the company was founded in 1975.Nadella, who has been with Microsoft since 1992 and was executive vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group, will replace the previous CEO Steve Ballmer who will now retire.The 46 year-old has been involved in Microsoft’s move to cloud-based services and incorporating it into all Microsoft products such as Bing, Office, Xbox and other services. He also oversaw development of the company’s Server and Tools Business.Speaking about the appointment, Nadella said he “couldn’t be more honoured” to have been chosen for the role.last_img read more

Our favourite Twitter exchange of the day

first_imgTHERE’S SOMETHING COMFORTING about the fact that William Shatner, AKA Captain Kirk, keeps an eye on what’s going on in space.Twitter/@WilliamShatnerWe’d like to think, should they need him, he’d simply ask Scotty to beam him up to lend a hand.7 reasons to watch tonight’s Brit Awards>Our 8 favourite people from the Harlem Shake videos>What is Lily Allen on about?>last_img

8 things that genuinely seemed like they would change our lives

first_img1. LaserdiscsFlickr/zzellersWait – a giant, fragile disc that can hold pictures and video?2. Handheld TVsA television that can… move? 5. Watch with TV remote controlfuk.co.uk6. Nintendo ZapperFlickr/candescentSo wait. I can shoot? At the TV screen? With this gun? And it knows where I’m shooting?7. Mobile phones with keyboardsWikimedia CommonsYour EMAIL. In your HAND.8. TeasmadeAn alarm clock that also makes you tea?But wait – did any of these actually change your life much?11 mums who don’t deserve a Mother’s Day present>The 13 absolute best shop names in Ireland> 3. SodaStreambidorbuy.co.zaImagine a world where ANY drink can be fizzy. Where you would never be forced to drink an uncarbonated beverage ever again.4. PagerFlickr/gurmsOn the move. On the go. On the street. ALWAYS CONNECTED.last_img read more

Listen to the TheScoreie commenters jogging playlist

first_imgEARLIER THIS YEAR we asked the readers of TheScore.ie what your favourite tunes were when going out for a run.You answered in your droves and the suggestions contained everything from classical to heavy metal and dance to indie.Here are some of the songs you chose and because we’re nice like this, we also put together a full Spotify playlist which you can listen to here.Enjoy:Running up that Hill – PlaceboYouTube: drklrd88Enter Sandman – Metallica YouTube: creasedjffHeart – MmothsYouTube: SynesthesiaeFilmsKilling in the Name – Rage Against The MachineYouTube: hcworldwideSmells like Teen Spirit – NirvanaYouTube: NirvanaVEVOAround the World – Daft PunkYouTube: emimusicHearts on Fire – John CaffertyYouTube: Grownupcartoons120 of 121 voters decide LeBron James is the NBA MVPThe 10 types of Championship Manager playerlast_img read more

North Korea fires another shortrange missile from east coast

first_imgNORTH KOREA HAS tested another short-range missile off its east coast – its fourth test in two days – despite pleas from South Korea and the UN to halt the launches at a time of high tensions.The guided missile was fired into the East Sea (Sea of Japan) on Sunday afternoon, a defence ministry spokesman told AFP without elaborating.Yesterday the North fired three short-range missiles off its east coast, apparently as part of a military drill.The North’s short-range missile launches are not unusual but come at a time of heightened alert on the peninsula, following Pyongyang’s nuclear test in February which sparked tougher UN sanctions.Angered by the sanctions and by a joint US-South Korean military exercise, the North for weeks threatened nuclear or conventional attacks on Seoul and Washington.The South and its US ally had earlier been watching for any test by the North of medium-range Musudan missiles, but a US defence official said earlier this month that the two mid-range missiles had been moved from their launch site.However South Korea’s unification ministry, which handles cross-border relations, said the short-range launches also pose threats to the region and should be stopped immediately.“We find it deplorable that the North does not stop provocative actions such as the launch of guided missiles yesterday,” said unification ministry spokesman Kim Hyung-Seok, before the latest exercise.“We call on the North to take responsible actions for our sake and for the sake of the international community.”UN chief Ban Ki-moon, speaking in Moscow, also called for Pyongyang to “refrain from” further missile tests. He said it was time for it to resume talks with the international community and reduce tensions.The US State Department urged Pyongyang to exercise restraint, without specifically commenting on the launches.It was unclear what type of missiles were fired on either Saturday or Sunday, though Seoul military officials quoted by the Yonhap news agency said they may be KN-02 surface-to-surface weapons with a range of up to 160 kilometres, or rockets of at least 300mm in calibre fired from a multiple launcher.Park Yong-Ok, a former South Korean deputy defence minister, described the short-range missile launches as an act of “desperation” by the North’s leader Kim Jong-Un, after his country’s recent threats met a strong response from Seoul and Washington.US President Barack Obama and the South’s President Park Geun-Hye, at a summit this month, vowed to offer no concessions in dealing with Pyongyang.- © AFP, 2013Read: North Korea launches three short-range missileslast_img read more

Facebook tries to avoid future headaches by asking EU to review WhatsApp

first_imgFACEBOOK HAS ASKED the European Commission (EC) to review its $19 billion takeover of the messaging app WhatsApp.The company has approached the EC to see if it would review the deal. The EC has informed the national competition authorities of the request, according to The Wall Street Journal.The review, which could end up turning into an official investigation, could allow Facebook to avoid individual reviews from any EU member states, and avoid any surprises that might spring up.It also faces pressure from European telecom companies who believe that WhatsApp would give it a dominant position in the instant messaging market here.For EU authorities to review the deal, Facebook must prove that it’s under review in at least three EU countries, although its not clear if any regulators were looking at lodging investigations that could halt it.Since Facebook has submitted a request to the competition commission, member states with permission to review the deal at a national level can veto the request for the EC to take the case.The deal, which was announced back in February, was approved in the US Federal Trade Commission in April.Read: Iranian judge summons Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg over privacy complaints >Read: Spotify suffers security breach, but only one user was affected >last_img read more

Woolwich victim named by UK Ministry of Defence

first_imgTHE BRITISH SOLDIER who was killed in a machete attack on the streets of South London yesterday has been named as Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.Rigby, aged 25, was from Manchester and leaves behind a two-year-old son. In a statement from The Ministry of Defence, Rigby is described as an “extremely popular and witty soldier”. Drummer Rigby was a larger than life personality within the Corps of Drums and was well known, liked and respected across the Second Fusiliers. He was a passionate and lifelong Manchester United fan.Rigby joined the army in 2006 and had served in Afghanistan. However, his first military posting was as a machine gunner in Cyprus where the battalion was serving as the resident infantry battalion in Dhekelia.He returned to the UK in 2008 and was placed on duty outside the royal palaces as part of the battalion’s public duties commitment.In 2009, he was sent to the Helmand province, Afghanistan, where he served as a member of the Fire Support Group at Patrol Base Woqab. On returning to the UK he completed a second tour of public duties and then moved with the battalion to Celle, Germany.Rigby took up a recruiting post in London in 2011, where he also assisted with duties at the regimental headquarters in the Tower of London.The statement from the Ministry of Defence states that Rigby was “an integral member of the Corps of Drums throughout the battalion’s time on public duties”.The victim’s name was announced by the Ministry of Defence pending formal police identification.“Deeply shocking”Speaking outside 10 Downing Street today, Prime Minister David Cameron said the images from the attack in the newspapers and on the television were “deeply shocking”.He added that these types of attacks would not be tolerated, stating:The people who did this were trying to divide us. They should know something like this will only bring us together.“We have lost a brave soldier,” said Cameron, adding that his thoughts were with the victim and his family.He said a police investigation was underway, so there was a limit to what he could say. He said “this country will be resolute in its stand against violent extremism and terrorism. We will never give into terror or terrorism in any of its forms”.The attackers, who are now in custody, used knives and a meat cleaver to attack Rigby. They carried out the attack a few hundred metres from the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, southeast London, then delivered an Islamist tirade to passers-by. The two men were shot by police at the scene and remain under arrest in hospital – one in a serious condition.Emergency meetings after soldier ‘decapitated’ in London machete attack>Security increased at London barracks after suspected terrorist attack on soldier>last_img read more

This dog simulator allows you to experience life as a dog Thats

first_img A car plowed through the main hall of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York IN THE WORLD of video games, you can be a ninja, a bird, a basketball player, and even a goat.Now, you can add “dog” to the list.That’s thanks to a new virtual game called “Dog Park,” created by New York-based game designer Kevin Cancienne.The goal of the game is to be a dog. You play, wrestle, dig holes, bounce around, and otherwise act cute.That’s the entire point of the game.“‘Dog Park’ is a pretty big departure for me,” Cancienne told Kill Screen Daily in a recent interview.“Not only is it in a genre and format I haven’t worked in much — it’s a 3-D arcade game with lots of animation and physics — but I’ve let the free-flowing, organic, bottom-up qualities I appreciate about dog play come through.”https://vine.co/v/MFlW12zABEVUnlike “Goat Simulator,” which is more like an old-school skating game, gameplay here is rather simple. In “Goat Simulator” you can make your goat backflip and jump and crash into things, all in the name of grabbing more points and beating your high score.But in “Dog Park,” there are no points to rack up or things to kill. You basically just play. Like a dog.“When it comes to play, the dog’s only goal is to keep on having more fun,” Cancienne said.https://vine.co/v/MU19e5PALOrThe game will be presented at No Quarter, a yearly exhibition hosted by the NYU Game Center, in September.- Karyne LevyRead: Kid provides hilariously irrefutable evidence that her dog is a girl >More: The BBC weather forecast was hilariously videobombed by a weeing dog > SpaceX is trying to buy a hamlet inside its Texas rocket-launch site because it ‘did not anticipate’ there’d be any ‘significant disruption’ to residents who live there 16-year-old Greta Thunberg met with Obama and chided senators, saying they’re not trying hard enough to fight climate change The US is building a case against Iran in the attacks on Saudi Arabia, but Trump is in no rush to act last_img read more

Eightyearold Palestinian girl killed six minutes into Israelideclared ceasefire

first_img Palestinian families who fled their homes due to fighting between Hamas and Israel take shelter at a U.N.-run school in Gaza City. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesWith only a narrow alley leading to the house, it was not possible to get rescue equipment to the scene, with a long line of people passing out chunks of rubble by hand, an AFP correspondent said.The strike cause the house to pancake, leaving only a very narrow gap for rescuers to get inside, some of whom were bloodying themselves in the effort, he said.From within, they managed to pull the body of a young girl wearing pyjamas whose spine appeared to be broken in several places, with rescuers struggling to get her onto a stretcher, he said.Earlier, the Israeli army announced a unilateral seven-hour lull, to begin at 0700 GMT.Hamas said it would not be observing the truce, and warned people to exercise extreme caution when venturing out onto the streets after earlier temporary ceasefire arrangements collapsed into a frenzy of bloodshed.Originally published 10:30am.© – AFP 2014Read: UN chief says today’s strike on a UN school is “a criminal act” >Read: Israel announces death of missing soldier, while 12 die in air strikes on Gaza > A CHILD WAS killed and 30 people wounded in an Israeli air strike on a refugee camp in Gaza City – just minutes into an Israeli-declared truce, medics said.The strike hit a house in the beachfront Shati refugee camp, killing an eight-year-old girl, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra told AFP.Witnesses and several AFP correspondents reported hearing the whistle of a missile fired from an F16 warplane before it crashed into a house wedged between two tall buildings inside the camp.An AFP correspondent said the strike hit at 0706 GMT – ie six minutes into the lull.The Israeli army said it was looking into the incident, but gave no further comment.last_img read more

Dublin Zoo has a new attraction and were not lion

first_img Source: Patrick BolgeRDublin Zoo would like to invite the public to suggest a name for the new arrival based on his Asian origin. Name suggestions can be submitted through the Dublin Zoo Facebook page.Read: Dublin Zoo celebrates arrival of (very cute) baby Goeldi’s monkeyRead: It’s Friday so here are some adorable meerkat pups at Dublin Zoo Source: Patrick BolgerThere are less than 350 Asian lions in the wild and their entire wild population can be found in one place – the Gir Forest in India.According to the animal care team at Dublin Zoo, the lion cub is bonding well with his parents, first time mum Zuri and experienced dad Kumar. Source: Patrick BolgerTeam leader Ciaran McMahon said ‘We’re thrilled about the arrival of the cub. He has a wonderfully playful and curious personality. It’s lovely to see Zuri taking to her role as a new mum so well and Kumar is as cool and calm as ever. At two months old he now weighs an estimated 6.6kg. In the past Dublin Zoo was very successful breeding African lions. It is now of great conservation importance that zoos maintain a viable population of critically endangered Asian lions.center_img Source: Patrick BolgerTHIS IS DUBLIN Zoo’s latest attraction – an Asian lion cub. And he is amazing.The as yet unnamed cub was born to mum Zuri and dad Kumar who came to Dublin Zoo from Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands last year.The birth of the cub is “very significant”, the zoo says, coming as a boost for the international breeding programme for this critically endangered species.last_img read more

Best Buy leak shows that ATT will change text messaging plans January

first_imgBest Buy just can’t seem to keep the confidential information locked into their internal systems to themselves. According to a new leaked image coming out of the big blue box, AT&T is getting ready to change the way their text messaging subscription plans work, with two previous plans being dropped entirely while a couple of new ones get introduced… with both of which turning out to be much better deals.Starting on January 23rd, new AT&T customers will have two options when it comes to choosing their text message plans. The first option they can choose is $10 per month for 1,000 text messages, which would certainly do for me, but perhaps not your text-mad teenage daughter. For her, there’s a second $20 a month plan that gives you unlimited texting. Additionally, if you’re in a family plan, $30 will get you unlimited text messages.AdChoices广告Dropped from AT&T’s options are the previous text messaging plans: both the $5 for 200 text message plan and the $15 per month for 1,500 text messages plan. However, if you’re already subscribed to one of these plans, you’ll be able to keep the existing option, although new customers will only have a choice between the two new offerings.Honestly, it seems frankly nuts that anyone would send more than 200 text messages a month, but then again, I’ve spent ten years out of the country. How many of you guys use over 200 text messages a month, let alone a thousand?Read more at Gearlivelast_img read more

AOL acquires Huffington Post for 315M puts founder in charge all Aol

first_imgWith its ISP business all but dead, AOL has been leveraging its existing Weblogs blog network to try to remake itself as a purely editorial company. Late last year, AOL further confirmed its aspirations in this direction by purchasing Michael Arrington‘s Techcrunch network for $25 million, and now they’re following it with an even bigger acquisition: AOL has just bought the widely read liberal blog site The Huffington Post for an astonishing $315 million.The acquisition was led by AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, whose attempts at re-inventing AOL as an editorial company primarily driven by advertising revenues have been controversial, with some describing AOL’s new blogging initiatives as being akin to the creation of content sweatshops.It appears Armstrong met a like mind in Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington, with the New York Times describing their relationship as one in which they were finishing each other’s sentences within minutes of meeting. “It was really amazing how aligned our visions were,” said Huffington.The acquisition of the Huffington Post will result in a big promotion for Huffington, who is now in charge of the newly formed Huffington Post Media Group, which will hereby be responsible for all of AOL’s editorial content, including popular blogs like Engadget and Techcrunch.There’s a great deal of concern that AOL — which has historically tried to remain apolitical — will suddenly become left-leaning in nature, but Huffington on her part says that her own partisan political stance won’t affect editorial.The bigger question, perhaps, is whether or not the deal will do anything to turn around AOL’s fortunes. While the Huffington Post enjoyed its first profitable year in 2010, AOL is closer to being put on life-support than ever, having eliminated almost a third of its staff last year. Can blogs really save AOL? Armstrong seems to be betting that they can, but commentators are already observing that the deal’s a mess.Read more at New York Timeslast_img read more